Shopping Assistance

Are you in need of shopping assistance? When it comes to shopping, we are here to support the elderly with purchasing their grocery, whether it’s nipping to the shops ourselves, or by escorting them to the supermarket – We aim to help with whichever they feel the most comfortable with.

If you or your loved one doesn’t feel safe when going outside in these unprecedented times, or if you feel you would be unable to leave the house due to mobility or disability issues, then we are here to help. We are able to go and carry out the food shop for you and bring it to your doorstep, with a home delivery service

For those who consider themselves to be mobile but in need of a little extra assistance, at Honeybee, we can escort you to the shops and be there on hand to help. This option gives our clients that all-important social aspect, as well as a little more independence.



Open Your Options With Shopping Assistance

Many people may not fully understand what options are available to them, in terms of shopping assistance. This is something we can help you with, as we believe that one of the best ways to improve the quality of life for those suffering from impediments or other issues is by having the option to either have shopping delivered to them, or have company whilst shopping. Our shopping assistance service offers a range of unique care options for those in need.

Pairing our expertise within the industry, with the functionality of performing hospitality within the patient’s home, our shopping assistance is a preferred option for many. Not only is our shopping assistance extremely variable, but also flexible, offering multiple forms of aid, whether it be delivery or additional company whilst shopping. Our shopping assistants can suit the care provided to each individual and create a mutual understanding and enable us to offer a bespoke service, according to your needs and preferences.

Utilising our personal care allows the patient to enjoy as much freedom as they need, whilst still maintaining optimal support and a helping hand. Your loved one’s can continue carrying out daily tasks with guidance and assurity.

Why Choose HoneyBee HomeCare For Shopping Assistance


Our core team have over 10 years of experience in the care sector; both in care homes and in domiciliary care alike. With knowledge of end of life care, activities & well-being, customer service, time management and more, we impart thorough, relevant and mandatory training to our Honeybees so they can develop their skills as fantastic carers that deliver an incredible shopping assistance.


We are fortunate enough to have incredible caring staff, from our office to our clients’ homes, our staff are passionate about providing the highest level of shopping assistance that they possibly can with candour and enthusiasm. Our carers have been known to forge friendships with our clients and always look forward to seeing them on their calls.

Supported Staff

We are very fortunate to have such wonderful staff and we would not want to sully their motivation to do incredible work. One of the founding pillars that our company is based on is the reimbursement of our staff, carers are some of the hardest working people in our economy, so we make sure that they are well paid and reimbursed for their mileage and travel time so we are reassured that they don’t have money trouble. This is relevant to our clients because it ensures that their carers will be more driven to provide a desired service. Happy staff make superior shopping assistance.


We always take measures to ensure that our service is running smoothly and maintains capability to offer optimum care. This is why we have put certain systems in place to monitor all aspects of our service. For example, we have a state-of-the-art rostering system in place to make sure that our carers are arriving to their calls on time and have adequate time to travel to each of their appointments. They also use this software to record care plans and make progress notes that are available for our clients and their relatives to view at their convenience during our shopping assistance service.

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Further Benefits Of Shopping Assistance

Our shopping assistance service is extremely beneficial for those that require a helping hand during daily tasks or added sociability within their life. Regardless of whether this is a condition or just a preference, our shopping assistance will be on hand, ready to provide an amazing service.

Having a shopping assistant on hand ensures complete safety during shopping trips, with additional medical knowledge and training for an array of physical & mental medical issues.

With the use of shopping assistance, your loved one will be aided with a variety of daily tasks, chores and hobbies. Along with the great company, our assistants will encourage your loved one to attempt the things that may find difficult, supporting them in each aspect.

To find out more about our shopping assistance, or to enquire about how the service may be beneficial to you and your loved ones, please contact us on 01926 357102.



Shopping becomes more and more difficult as you get older, mainly due to physical reasons. Infact, 1 in 5 people say that they have difficulty shopping for groceries. Some of the main reasons why it may be hard to shop as you get older include:


  • Finding it difficult to get to food shops, especially for people who live in rural areas or people who don’t drive.
  • It can be difficult to reach certain areas in stores as the layout is built for people who are physically capable for reaching groceries on higher shelves.
  • There is a lack of rest facilities 
  • It can be tricky to carry groceries from the supermarket, or difficult to carry a shopping basket.
  • Some people struggle to do their shopping online or value the social interaction of doing their shopping in person.

We will help you to prepare your shopping list. This includes:

  • We will keep a pencil and notepad handy to note what you need as you remember them. 
  • You can let us know about any food ‘staples’ that you have so that we can buy those same groceries every week instead of having to remember them every time. 
  • If you place an order online, we will help you to ‘favourite’ certain items so that you can reorder them easily.


We will help you to collect your shopping from the store. This includes:

  • Organising appropriate transport to and from the store.
  • If you require wheelchair access, we will also sort out transport for this


We will help you to order online. This includes:

  • We will help you to pay for your groceries over the internet 
  • We will choose an appropriate time for your groceries to be delivered 
  • When we shop online together, we will help you to understand how to visit special offers, change your delivery preferences and save certain items


We will help you with putting your groceries away. This includes:

  • Putting items away that may be difficult for you to reach

We provide ongoing training for all members of staff on a regular basis. In addition, all employees are trained to the minimum national standards required by local regulatory bodies. We encourage our staff to grow personally and attend additional training courses. Special training is also provided to staff to make sure that they are fully trained to care for more complex needs.