Shopping assistance

Are you in need of shopping assistance? When it comes to shopping, we are here to support the elderly with purchasing their grocery, whether it’s nipping to the shops ourselves, or by escorting them to the supermarket – We aim to help with whichever they feel the most comfortable with.


What type of shopping assistance do we provide our clients?


We can do the food shopping for you – so you can feel safe

If you or your loved one doesn’t feel safe when going outside in these unprecedented times, or if you feel you would be unable to leave the house due to mobility or disability issues, then we are here to help. We are able to go and carry out the food shop for you and bring it to your doorstep, with a home delivery service


Escorted shopping assistance

For those who consider themselves to be mobile but in need of a little extra assistance, at Honeybee, we can escort you to the shops and be there on hand to help. This option gives our clients that all-important social aspect, as well as a little more independence.

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