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Dementia Home Care?

Honeybee Homecare are specialists when it comes to dementia home care. We offer an incredible service that gives one-on-one support when it comes to looking after your loved ones. We understand that when it comes to the need of those affected by dementia, a personal approach is needed. That’s why we are able to tailor our dementia home care service to you.

No matter which service you require, we can adapt it to include any necessary changes to accommodate for dementia home care.

Dementia can interfere with everyday life, and it can be hard for you to see your loved one’s quality of life come into question. That’s why at Honeybee Homecare we can help put your mind at rest, knowing that someone is always at hand, and help to reinstate a better quality of life with one of our specialist dementia carers.

If you or a loved one is in need of dementia home care, then please feel free to get in contact with one of our friendly team now and have a chat.

Dementia Home Care?

Why Choose HoneyBee

Providing your loved one with the support they need

What is Dementia Home Care?

Dementia home care is about providing your loved one with the support they need in order to carry on living in their own home. Honeybee Home Care work with our clients to establish a routine that your loved one is used to and comfortable with. We understand the importance of maintaining independence as much as possible, whilst also providing the highest standard of care.

Whether it’s help in the morning, afternoon, evening or throughout the day, our dementia home care service is a great fit for your needs. Our fully trained carers can be on hand for whenever you need them.

Activities are included

What is Included in Dementia Home Care?

You may be wondering what types of activities are included when it comes to Dementia home care. Some of the common services our carers carry out are the following:

  • Meal planning – ensuring that your loved one is eating
  • Meal Preparation – assisting with the preparation of food and drink
  • Taking care of household tasks such as washing, ironing, and tidying
  • Assisting your loved one with personal care
  • Encouragement of social activities
  • Encouragement of exercise by partaking in walks or excursions
  • Establishing a regular routine