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We’re back with another blog post! Admittedly, we have been a bit quiet at HoneyBee; we have had our heads down cracking on with improving and innovating behind the scenes. We thought that it was only fair to write a blog about what we have been up to lately to keep those interested up to date with everything HoneyBee!

We're still in the midst of a pandemic

It might seem like a redundant point to mention, we’ve all been shut inside until recently so surely everybody knows. The fact of the matter is, we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic and we are continuing to take the relevant and reasonable precautions to prevent it spreading in our organisation. Fortunately we have not had a case of Coronavirus in any of our staff or any of our clients; we really do count ourselves lucky!

We’re still practising regular handwashing and hand sanitising along with wearing all relevant PPE (masks, gloves, aprons) and visors (provided to us by Central Scanning).

Not only have we had great help working with Central Scanning but we have been fortunate enough to implement work from Sam at Redditch Security Systems (RSS). With help from RSS, we have been able to greatly utilise an infrared camera in our office; as visitors enter our office, the camera reads their temperature and alerts us if their temperature is unusually high.

Fortunately, the camera hasn’t picked up on anyone with COVID-19, but as they say: “We’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it”.

This piece of kit has kept our visitors safe and our office secure.

In addition to proper procedures, a good stock of PPE, providing specialist PPE, high-tech cameras and other steps we have taken to protect the humans in our company, we have also taken tests for the disease. Everybody has come back negative of COVID-19.

FINALLY, We are CQC registered!

On 7th May, after months of work and anticipation, we can finally say that we are CQC registered. This means that on an annual or bi-annual basis, CQC will come and regulate, monitor, review and finally rate our company.

CQC are responsible to checking that care companies are safe, legitimate and responsible in their role of caring for the vulnerable.

Following their initial inspection of our company, CQC will give us a rating of: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate. Naturally we are striving for a rating of “Outstanding” but even a rating of “Good” is a great achievement. This rating is a fantastic quality indicator of any service and should be one of the first things a potential service-user should check before engaging a service.

Our team has grown

The HoneyBee family keeps getting bigger, we now have 8 carers in the community helping our clients feel safe and healthy. We can say without hesitation that our team of carers is absolutely fantastic, each one of our carers is a wonderful person in their own right.

They are all an absolute delight to work with and we are thankful for all of them. We wouldn’t be HoneyBee HomeCare without our Honeybees!

We are extending our parameters

With time, we will be extending our services over to Henley in Arden.

We are now open to taking enquiries for the residents of Henley who want top-tier care in their homes.

If you know anyone in Henley in Arden who is looking for care, tell them to get in touch with HoneyBee, we are buzzing to be of service!

And all the rest

This blog post has just touched the surface of everything we have been working on. We have also streamlined our quality control and auditing processes, with great help from Access Care Planning, we are able so assure our clients that the service we provide is of fantastic quality.

We have also been continuing our fantastic care work with our clients to keep them safe, happy and cared for. With ongoing training, support and communication with our carers, we are confident that they are doing their absolute best to support our clients.

And then there’s everything else, from work with our website to make it more informative and user friendly, to taking on new technology and software to optimise and modernise our work in the field and behind the scenes, to keeping up to date with the latest updates with care and the current pandemic, to on-boarding our carers with further training, NVQ’s and care qualifications.

We are doing all we can to be the absolute best care company anyone could ask for.

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