Honeybee Homecare

Meet the Team

Meet the Team!

When you sign up to a care service, you never know who will turn up at your door; we want to change this and give you an idea of who is actually behind our service and who is assisting our clients from day-to-day!

Jess Kitchen – Service Manager

Jessica is the Service Manager and Co-Founder of Honeybee Homecare. She has nearly 7 years of experience in care, every minute of which has equipped her to manage her own service.

Jess specialises in dementia care but has years of experience managing residential care also. She has also dabbled in being an activities coordinator which helped her understand the importance of supporting the well-being of clients in care.

Many clients have commended Jess’ friendly nature and are often impressed by her knowledge of her field.

Christian Oldnall – Office Manager

Christian is the Office Manager and Co-Founder of Honeybee Homecare. His responsibilities include: Marketing, Administration, Management of Customer Service, IT, Customer Support, Social Media among other duties, he essentially handles every ‘non-care’ aspect of the company.

Chris has worked in customer service for 8 years and has branched out into marketing, administration, etc. while keeping customers at heart.

Chris and Jess work together to ensure our service is running smoothly and that our clients and their families are satisfied respectively.